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Friday, 15. December 2006 00:54  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hey former drummer for "ROSETTA STONE". I am so glad to see that you are still doing it. Well so am I. Out of that band, you Pepi(bass) and I are still in it for life...Hey i got a great shot of us taken back in 1974, when we did the 1st International Latin-Pop Festival at Shea Stadium in NYC>....If u want a copy email me and I'll send it to ya...I'm doing well and still playing, 143 bands to date see mypace site for my Performance History.. Hey I also do "rhythmic" arranging, if u ever could use me....also have an Endorsement with Pearl Drums too...I can still travel and tour if u ever need me buddy. We made good music then and we could do it again... I also have cassette copies of the recordings with Rosetta Stone....Hope to hear from you...Rosetta Stone Alumni-"JC" Johnny Conga....
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